Favorite Tailgate Pins: The Convenient Tailgate

A look at some of the best Pinterest-inspired tailgate ideas

Take a look at some of the pins we love on tailgating!

If you are a tailgating veteran, this time of year may both excite and terrify you. Obviously you are excited to spend another season in the lot of your favorite football team’s stadium, but you may be afraid that the tailgating tradition is getting a little stale. We get it — we are all about keeping things fresh, from the menu to the presentation, but inspiration has to come from somewhere, and for that we turn one of our favorite social media sites: Pinterest.

Today we are taking a look at some of the best pins that help keep our tailgates convenient. We love the idea of keeping it simple when it comes to tailgating, whether it is with a great grill that packs up with ease or finding a new way to keep your hands clean while chowing down. There are a lot of things tailgaters can do to keep it simple throughout the season.

A Sandwich-Holder

This pin was put up by Stefany Yocum, who got inspired by ForRent.com’s blog post  on kid-friendly tailgating tips. We love the idea of keeping our hands clean and fuzzies from our gloves out of our tailgate sandwiches.

Paper Towel Basket
The less you have to carry at a tailgate the better. That is why we completely gushed over this basket pin, posted by user Joni Wray from Buckhead Betty on a Budget. It not only contains small snacks, but it has a great paper towel roller to keep your paper products from blowing all over the lot!

One-Handed Bottle-Opener
Eating or cheering with one hand and struggling to open you brewski? This one-handed bottle-opener, pinned by Todd Snyder from Urban Outfitters, will solve all of your beer-opening woes!

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