Fatburger Will Start Selling Frozen Patties at Walmart

Walmart plans to sell frozen Fatburger patties for grilling

Fatburger, one of those much-beloved West Coast burger chains, has a devoted following in its home region and in several international markets, but fans in other parts of the U.S. have been sadly bereft of Fatburgers for too long. But that looks like it's about to change, as Fatburger announced Friday that it was going to be launching a line of frozen burger patties for sale at Walmart, so now people across the U.S. will be able to grill their own Fatburger-esque burgers at home.

The Beverly Hills, Calif.-based company told USA Today that the Fatburger patties were already in the freezers at several Walmart stores, and would be rolling out nationally to 3,100 of Walmart's 4,000 U.S. stores in the coming weeks.

The special Fatburger-ness of the patties comes from the chain's particular mix of seasonings and beef grinds, but Fatburger will not actually be producing the patties. Fatburger is only licensing its name and recipe to Walmart. Walmart will be having the patties made by its own suppliers. 


Fatburger chief executive Andy Wiederhorn said the frozen patties would come in packs of six burgers for about $7 or $8. The patties are intended for barbecuing and will have a higher fat content that makes them better for that purpose. The frozen patties are about 30 percent fat, while the burger patties at Fatburger restaurants are 20 percent fat.