The Fat Magnet: The Newest Food Invention That You Don’t Need

This new contraption scrapes the fat right off food

You know when you see a commercial for a new food-related product and know you just have to have it? This isn’t one of those times. Introducing the Fat Magnet, a new device that magically removes the fat from all of your foods. Sounds great, right? Just wave it over a cheeseburger, and suddenly it’s fat-free. Except that’s not how it works. At all.

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In order to use the Fat Magnet, you first need to freeze whatever food you’re trying to remove the fat from, which lets the fat move to the top. From there, you can just slide the contraption over the top of the food, and it’ll scrape the fat right off it.

But wait — aren’t the only foods that have fat that rises to the top sauces, soups, stews, and the like? And can’t the fat then just be scraped off with a spoon? Yes, and yes.

So while we’re not really sure why anyone would need to purchase this unless they think buying something called "the Fat Magnet" will make them feel better about themselves, if you feel so inclined you can find it here for 10 bucks.


Or you can just, you know, use a spoon.