Fast Food Chains Looking to Make Food Look Original and Authentic

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McDonald's Egg White

Recently, fast food restaurants have been aiming to achieve perfect imperfection in attempts to look authentic instead of mass-produced.

Restaurants like Wendy’s, Dominos, McDonald’s, and even brands like Oscar Mayer are looking to take the cookie-cutter look out of their foods, according to the Huffington Post. Instead of making pizzas perfectly round or rectangular, Domino’s workers are told not to worry about having perfect edges, and McDonald’s has started making their egg more free form instead of that exact circle we’re used to seeing on breakfast sandwiches.

Recent commercials for Oscar Mayer lunchmeats have strived to give us the feeling of eating something we typically only eat once a year on Thanksgiving. Their Carving Board turkey is cut in such a way that makes it look thicker and more authentic, something we would find in our kitchen instead of wrapped up in a store- bought container. They’re even offering a pulled pork option in the same manner, sort of haphazardly cut to look more appealing and legitimate.

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Fast food chains have found that people want to eat only what is visually appealing. Despite the fact that the actual ingredients are not changing, they know that if they present them as more wholesome, they can attract more people. So which would you eat? The one that looks like a machine created it, or the slightly more off-kilter version of the same ingredients that makes us feel like an expert chef crafted it? We’d say most of us would go for the latter, so the fast food industry is certainly on to something.