Farmhaus: Bringing Farm Fresh Food to St. Louis

Bringing Farm Fresh Food to St. Louis

One of St. Louis’ most popular restaurants took the city by storm upon its opening in 2010. With its dedication to supporting local farms and organic food production, Farmhaus only serves the best of the best, because it never has a set menu: it’s constantly changing based on fresh and seasonal ingredients as well as chef Kevin Willmann’s inspiration for new dishes. Unique to the entire St. Louis restaurant scene, Farmhaus provides diners with a warm atmosphere to enjoy the highest-quality food.

While Kevin Willmann has experienced enormous success in the restaurant industry across the Midwest, Farmhaus is the first restaurant of his own. As a food veteran in the St. Louis area, he knew there was very little in the way of restaurants devoted to organic and fresh produce, so Farmhaus seemed to fit just right.

With a constantly changing menu, Farmhaus only provides its guests with the tastiest dishes made with the best local ingredients. Inspired by his commercial fisherman roots, it’s known to offer a wide variety of the freshest seafood, with dishes like a smoked fish dip served with endives and goat cheese, or soft shell crab or tilefish with an assortment of vegetables hand-picked that day.

That’s not to say the St. Louis meat lover can’t find anything. Many plates like bacon wrapped meatloaf glazed in a tomato-merlot drizzle with smashed potatoes and pearl onions, or the New York Strip lathered in steak sauce, potatoes and asparagus.  So if you’re up for trying foods different from the typical St. Louis barbeque joint, onto a path featuring the freshest meals with local ingredients, Farmhaus will definitely satisfy your cravings.