Exercise Efficiently: Products to Eat Before and After Working Out

A roundup of the best products to eat before and after you exercise

PROBAR Whole Food Nutrition Bar

When it comes to exercising, there’s endless information out there about the best time to work out — when it’s best to do strength training, whether working out at night or in the morning promotes faster weight loss — but how does what you eat factor into the picture?

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An intense exercise session can take a lot out of your body with regard to nutrients and energy — which means it’s ultra-important to consider the nutritional and dietary measures you’re taking to perform at your peak level before and after your workout. Take a look through this collection of food products designed especially for those looking to make the most of their fitness routines.

Like with any sport or high-energy activity, the key for fitness buffs is to eat something before and after working out. Many products are crafted to be enjoyed at a particular time, such as Gatorade G Series 01 Prime Energy Chews and PowerBar Recovery Bars — the first is meant to be eaten before exercising to boost energy and the second is meant to be eaten right after a workout to replenish nutrients and sustain energy levels.

Click through the slideshow for a more detailed look at what each of these food products does and to see how they’ll help boost you mentally and physically before and after you exercise.