Everyone, Everywhere Is Going Gluten-Free

It's a trend, and food companies are catching on

Looks like the gluten-free diet isn't going away anytime soon. Less than a month after Domino's debuted their gluten-free crust, ABC News reports that more companies are jumping on the bandwagon.

Frito-Lay is planning on rolling out new labels for gluten-free products, including Lay's, Doritos, Ruffles, Tostitos, and Cheetos. The funny thing is, most of their products are gluten-free to begin with.

"Frito-Lay is not removing gluten from products, rather, has developed a gluten-free validation process," a press release said.

According to data from Packaged Facts, a marketing research company, food and beverage packages touting gluten-free claims totaled 2,600 in 2010, up from some 1,000 in 2006.

As for how many people are going sans-gluten, last year Americans spent $2.64 billion on gluten-free food, up from $210 million 10 years ago.

Of course, most of these Americans are just doing it because it's a diet fad. Dr. Peter Green, director of the Celiac Center at Columbia University in New York City, told ABC News that about 90 percent of gluten-free dieters do it because it's a "food fad, or as a weight-reduction thing." Miely Cyrus, we're looking at you.