Evan Rachel Wood's Pregnancy Cravings

The celebrity craves junk food and...marijuana?

We’ve heard of the regular pregnancy cravings: ice cream, french fries, cheeseburgers… but marijuana?

Apparently it’s not as odd as one may think, according to pregnant celebrity Evan Rachel Wood. US Weekly reported that the star tweeted about her cravings recently, writing, "Whoa. Whoa. Peanut Butter Pop Tarts?! Of course, because I can’t smoke any weed right now… Dammit!"

While Wood may have just been joking, her cravings for junk food are very real. She conceded that her diet "sometimes… goes to hell" and she allows herself "pigs and a blanket and a pizza" or "pickled onions," because every once in a while, "you gotta have your naughty days."


Wood’s wardrobe has been changing, as well, as "Pants are just out the window," she said. "I got all these maternity pants and I was just like, 'No.' So it’s dresses, which are kind of different for me. Pants are gone." But, as for now, the pigs in a blanket are here to stay.