French frozen waffles

Europe’s Toxic Egg Scandal Expands to Frozen Waffles

Millions of eggs have been recalled, but other products are affected
French frozen waffles

Europe's toxic egg scandal involves millions of eggs and 17 different countries, and now it's expanded to frozen waffles, too.

Millions of eggs have been recalled around Europe after they were discovered to be tainted with a toxic insecticide. The problem with an egg scandal, though, is that eggs are a common ingredient in many other foods. Now the toxic egg scandal has expanded to include frozen waffles.

The tainted egg scandal first came out on July 20 when eggs from Belgium and the Netherlands tested positive for fipronil. Fipronil is a pesticide that is not legal for use around livestock because it is toxic to humans, and authorities worry it could contaminate the food supply. That’s exactly what happened.

According to ABC News, fipronil-tainted eggs were found at egg producers in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands. They’ve been exported to 17 different countries. Millions of eggs have been recalled and destroyed.

The Local reports that the French Agriculture Ministry this week announced that 17 kinds of frozen waffles sold in stores including Monoprix, Carrefour, and other major supermarkets were also affected.

The waffles contained fipronil above the legal limit, but experts say they’re not likely to contain enough to be harmful if eaten.


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