Espresso in 4 Italian Cities

Rebecca Kritzer of REBEats sips her way across Italy


If I can say one thing, it's that I understand why Starbucks is shunned in Italia. Because I am an espresso fiend, I had to cafe my way through Naples, Rome, Florence and Venice. With a strong shot in each city, these photo shots don't do them justice. You can only imagine: dark, bold, and viscous. There can now be no other way. My sampling:

Naples is known as the top-notch town for coffee (according to the Neopolitans). I can now confirm they are not wrong. They even have a procedural method of consumption: a sip of mineral water to cleanse the palate with a subsequent sip of chocolate-y cafe. Repeat until you can sip no more. Replenish if necessary.

Photo credit: Rebecca Kritzer

This shot capped off an al fresco meal of many pizza pies; perfect in this picturesque city on water.

Photo credit: Rebecca Kritzer

Quickie caffeine stop following an impressive visit to the Statue of David en route to Pisa to see that Leaning Tower! I can credit this fuel for my successful sprint to the train station.

Photo credit: Rebecca Kritzer

A stroll to the Colosseum presented this tiny sandwich cafe, where a standing shot was all I needed to sustain me on this full sightseeing day. The Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain down; the Colosseum and St. Peter's Basillca to go.

Photo credit: Rebecca Kritzer

Even on my craziest days, simultaneously running around like a chicken with its head cut off, snapping photos left and right, and trying to take it all in, I can always find time for a coffee break – especially in a city where in the same sip, it is regarded as both a ubiquitous commodity and a precious treasure.

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