Eric Ripert's Sautéed Cod and Mustard Greens and More Recipes

In today's Recipes Review, even more leftover Halloween candy ideas, plus plenty of pumpkin and butternut squash

Check out our editors' picks for the best recipes from food sections around the country.

NY Mag
Well, baseball season may be over, but boiled peanuts are still tasty.

LA Times
How to cook perfect rice, sans rice cooker.

NY Times
Take advantage of fall with this lasagna with roasted kabocha squash and béchamel.

SF Chronicle
Bake up a little slice of history with Restaurant 1833's Cheddar bacon biscuits (with a hint of Gruyère).

There are infinite variations on comforting egg drop soup; here are three, including one for the classic Stracciatella Roman egg drop soup.

Chicago Tribune
Start with a simple roasted pumpkin recipe, end with some pumpkin chili.

Seattle Tribune
You can never go wrong with homemade tater tots. Serve with ketchup.

Kitchen Daily
Seafood stew and saffron is just one step away from paella, but just as good on a cold night.

Portland Press Herald
Once you get tired of eating candy whole, just throw it all into a Snickers pie and call it a day.

Eric Ripert shares his recipe for sautéed cod with mustard greens, topped with a soy-ginger vinaigrette.

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Washington Post
Classic, but good: roasted butternut squash and chickpeas.