What Is Engagement Chicken?

The chicken so good, he’ll put a ring on it


If he likes it, then he'll put a ring on it.

Some people start the wedding conversation by going ring shopping, some post hints on social media, and some even give their guy an ultimatum. However, there’s nothing that quite seals the deal like engagement chicken. That’s right: It’s the chicken so good, he’ll put a ring on it.

You’re probably wondering about the story behind engagement chicken. The recipe was developed by Kim Bonnell, who gave it to co-worker Kathy Suder to prepare for her boyfriend. Soon afterwards, the couple was engaged. The recipe was so spot-on that it became a hit in their office. Three other colleagues tried this secret weapon, and marriage proposals soon followed. Even Howard Stern’s wife used the recipe to win his heart. Some say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach — maybe this recipe will win your beau’s eternal affections. Here’s a video to help you seal the deal and live happily ever after.