Vitamin-Boosting Summer Cocktails You’ll Actually Want to Serve

You’ll love these cocktails

These summer cocktails will give you guests the boost they need.

The summer heat springs forth all kinds of cravings — especially for delicious cocktails. It’s important to stay refreshed, and my favorite way to do so is with from fresh fruits and vegetables. I don't need fake sugars or preservatives, and I wouldn't want to serve them to my guests, either. Instead, I prefer to create my cocktails with fresh cold-pressed juice.

When I don't have the time to freshly squeeze produce myself, I turn to cold-pressed juices from my favorite, Pure Green, the most convenient farm-to-table and preservative-free option. You can find most of these juices in the cold-pressed aisle:

Bailey's: Blend the Bailey's with ice and cashew milk to turn it into a smoothie. Make it a dessert by adding a couple scoops of ice cream or frozen yogurt to the blender.

Rum: Refresh your guests by mixing rum with apple, pineapple, lemon, and that healthy kick of ginger. Garnish with jalapeño slices if you dare.

Tequila : Start the party by serving tequila with raw coconut water, lemon, and pineapple juice. Add chia seeds for extra energy.

Vodka: This needs pure watermelon juice and a mini umbrella for garnish.

Whiskey: Muddle rosemary and peach, then add lemon juice and a dash of maple simple syrup.


These combinations are more than just tasty — they’re great vitamin boosters. You’ll feel better as you sip, and you’ll wake up without a hangover. They’re a great way to get your daily dosage of vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Besides eating them, the cold-press option is the closest thing you're going to get to raw, pure vegetables and fruits.