'Supergirl' CW Star Alleges Hospitalization After Eating at Chipotle

According to his recent Instagrams, the actor is recovering nicely

Actor Jeremy Jordan of the CW show Supergirl has alleged that a recent trip to Chipotle caused him to have a near-death experience that landed him in the hospital. In his first ever Instagram story, the actor revealed the tale to his followers.

In the now-expired story, the 32-year-old lies in his hospital bed, hooked up to an IV, telling the camera, “I know I’ve advocated for them in the past, but they’re terrible. I, as you can see, am in the hospital and I have fluids in my arm because the food did not agree with me and I almost died.”

Chipotle responded with a statement to People, the publication that broke the news, saying, “We were sorry to hear Jeremy was sick and we were able to get in touch with him directly regarding where and when he ate. The timing of the onset of his illness relative to the time he visited us, coupled with the fact that we have not received any other reported claims of illness at the restaurant where he dined, strongly suggest that our restaurant was not the cause of his illness. We take all claims seriously, but we can’t confirm any link to Chipotle given the details he shared with us.”

Unfortunately this is only one of the many reports of E. coli outbreaks, norovirus infections and other food safety issues happening with the fast-food Mexican-style chain. The brand has fought hard to rehabilitate its image with these 12 ways Chipotle is trying to win back our trust.

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