Spring Cleaning Hacks Lazy People Will Love

Seriously, make your life easier with these tips
Kitchen Cleaning Hacks
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Don’t miss out on these spring cleaning shortcuts.


Cleaning isn’t exactly the most fun activity. To help you get through it a little faster, we enlisted the help of Meg Roberts, president of Molly Maids, the nation's leading residential cleaning company, who can help you cut your cleaning time in half. Below are her quick tips for how to keep your kitchen clean and germ-free:

Baking Soda Fix

Sponges dipped in a baking soda and water solution work great on refrigerator interiors (don't forget the crispers!), and adding some vanilla extract will give this treatment a nice deodorizing effect. Leaving an open box of baking soda on a refrigerator shelf famously controls food odors as well. Each box will last about two months. Sanitize sponges by wringing them out and microwaving on high for two minutes. Do this every other day or so.  

Simple Dishwasher Clean

If your dishwasher develops mold, simply fill a coffee cup full of vinegar, baking soda, or one of each, put them on the top rack, and run on a normal cycle with no other dishes in the unit.

Lovely Lemons

To clean and remove stains from kitchen sinks, make a paste from fresh lemon juice and salt. Dip a sponge into the paste and rub around the sink, then rinse. Porcelain sinks, in particular, will love this treatment and sparkle beautifully.

Cleaner Cutting Board


Cutting boards are known to be pretty germy. To get a cutting board clean, run it through the dishwasher and spray it with straight 5 percent vinegar, allowing it to set overnight. The next day, microwave it on high for 30 seconds or swab it with alcohol.