'Bossy' Singer Kelis Buys Farm

Now more than just milkshakes will bring boys to her yard

Kelis, the singer-songwriter turned cooking entrepreneur, has purchased a farm.

The My Life on a Plate cookbook author announced on her podcast “The Founder Hour” that she has officially purchased the farm she had previously told Architectural Digest she was in the process of acquiring, and that she is selling her Glendale home. 

The Le Cordon Bleu alum, whose radio hits include “Bossy” and “Milkshake,” told podcast listeners, “In this past year I’ve kinda felt like I need a restaurant,” Page Six reports.

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“I need a space where I can actually be creative and I can do this on a daily basis. That being really necessary for me. I decided yeah, well how do I do that in staying with who I am and in the realm of control that I like to have. So I felt like, you know what, let’s do a farm. We started looking for a farm. We found a property. And we’re going to start to grow everything.”

The mother of two mentioned that she plans to grow her own produce, and produce her own milk, cheese, and butter. She did not mention what her plans were for her future restaurant, but we do know that the “Jerk Ribs” singer is a big fan of meat. “We smoke meat,” Kelis told Architectural Digest about the activities she enjoys in the backyard of her soon-to-be former home. “So we have a BBQ smoker. We can do great grilled vegetables and steaks and sit outside with a glass of wine. It’s so nice.”

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