haunted house

10 Signs Your Home Is Haunted and 10 Signs It Probably Isn’t

Are you seeing things, or was that really a ghost?
haunted house

Was that a ghost, or just your imagination running wild?

You swore you never believed in ghosts. Ghost stories? Haunted houses? Ha! You’re no fool. But the other day, something happened that made you start to question your doubts.

10 Signs Your Home Is Haunted and 10 Signs It Probably Isn’t Gallery

You awoke last night with a start, sure you saw something flitting just out of range of your peripheral vision. It appeared wispy, white, and still somehow… tangible? Was it a ghost? No, you thought. It can’t be. But according to some mediums and empaths, these spirits and entities are very real. And they can possess a home or a room with some subtlety and ease.

Many enthusiasts and intrigued followers of spiritual lore have taken to studying the tendencies of these presences. They investigate eerie sightings and inexplicable occurrences, deciphering whether there’s really a supernatural force at work or these strange events are simply superstition gone awry.

That flash of light reportedly seen in the mirror — was it the reflection of a spirit or the sun? The voice heard from the recesses of the attic — from the mouth of a ghost or the creak of a wooden board? A number of experts shared their thoughts with The Daily Meal to provide some insight. What are the signs that your house is haunted? What are the signs it’s probably not, and you’re just being paranoid?


Depending on how cunning of a ghost you’ve come into contact with, it may take you ages to discover the presence of the dead. But the experts we consulted swear that these interactions are possible — and, if a ghost really has inhabited your home, inevitable. You simply have to know the telltale signs of a haunted home.