Make a Dessert Table So Fabulous, Your Guests Will Forget the Wedding Cake

Tired of seeing tiered wedding cakes? Try making a fabulous dessert table instead!
Wedding Dessert Table Tips

Who needs a cake when you have dynamic sweets?

We all know by now how obsessed everyone is with the details of his or her wedding. Things you never imagined caring about suddenly matter more than life itself. One of those things is, naturally, the style and taste of the wedding cake. But if fancy tiers don’t really get you excited, there is an alternative: putting out a gorgeous dessert table that will delight guests even more than a wedding cake!

Elizabeth Chambers, founder and co-owner of the wildly popular BIRD Bakery in San Antonio, Texas, gave us a few very helpful expert tips for making your wedding day dessert table a cake-smashing success.

1. Mix Height, Texture & Color

When creating your dessert table, the most important thing is make it look interesting, inviting, and appealing. The more levels, the better! Have fun with different heights, textures, and colors and always anchor the highest pieces in the center, then work outward from there.

2. Keep Portions Manageable

Be aware of how guests will serve themselves. Smaller portions are easier to serve and eat; plus, they’re more inviting and less intimidating. Whether you're serving small truffles that people can pick up with their fingers or individual portions of trifle or pudding, smaller portions keep people coming back for more!

3. Make It Interactive

As long as the event lends itself to something more playful, make your dessert table interactive. Have a DIY cupcake-decorating station where guests can create and decorate frosting-filled cupcakes (à la BIRD bakery!). Cupcake-decorating gives people an excuse to get involved and a chance to get to know each other. It's a fabulous conversation starter and everyone loves to customize her or his own dessert.

4. Coordinate Color

Be aware of your event, your color palette, and the message you're trying to convey. If it's a formal wedding and your palette is monochromatic, stay true to that with your dessert table. If the vibe is more casual, play with color, but keep the tones in the same family. Remember that, first and foremost, food has to be visually appealing.

5. It's All In the Details


Once your dessert table is complete, give it a once-over and see if there are any empty spaces where you can add flowers or other interesting vessels. Is there something interesting with which you can garnish your cake — either on top or at the base — or could your macarons be dusted with gold? I firmly believe that gilding a few select items and adding peonies, white hydrangea, or just the right flower can make anything  better.