How to Get the Most From Your Garden: From the Table to the Stove!

From your table décor to your favorite dishes, here are some tips and ideas for celebrating National Garden Month!
Get More from the Garden
Sarah Johnson

Oh, how your garden grows!

Ready, set, grow! Spring is blooming just in time for National Garden Month this April. Celebrate new life and the natural beauty surrounding us with homegrown herbs and colorful bouquets. Bring spring into your life (and your home) with these DIY ideas, all using the classic Ball canning jar.

Herb Garden Jar


You don’t need a full garden to grow some of your own herbs. These easy herbs in a jar add fresh flavor to recipes and look lovely adorning a windowsill. All that is required is a pint jar, glass gems, potting soil, and seeds of your choice. Try using a jar from the Heritage Collection for a pop of color! Once they’ve bloomed, you can even store your fresh herbs in the Ball Fresh Herb Keeper so they last longer.

Source: Camera Happy Mom

Chive Blossom Vinegar

Another way to celebrate National Garden Month is by making the most out of everything in your garden. While you may not have an immediate need for all of your crops, fresh preserving allows you to savor these seasonal flavors without having to waste. If you’re growing chive blossoms, try creating your own infused chive blossom vinegar. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a salad and can even be used as a marinade.

Source: Sweet Si Ben

Beautiful Bouquets


As the weather warms up and the flowers begin to bloom, you can easily create your own gorgeous arrangements. Whether you’re using flowers from your garden or the local farmers market, these bouquets are perfect as gifts, displayed on your front porch, or even as centerpieces for a spring wedding! All you need is some ribbon and a wide mouth pint jar.  

Sarah Johnson

Succulents Jar Photo

For those who feel like they just don’t have a green thumb, mini succulents are an easy plant to tend to. Using four-ounce Ball jars and metallic gold spray paint, you can make your very own tiny potted plants that are as beautiful to look at as they are easy to take care of.

Source: Contemporary Domestics

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