How to Detox Your Skin From Harsh Everyday Stressors

Don’t let your skin get stressed out! These foods will help protect your skin from everyday wear and tear
A Diet to Detox Skin

Give your skin a breather by eating a nutritious diet.


The state of your skin is a tell-tale sign of the stressors you may be carrying. Everything our bodies go through physically and emotionally can manifest in our skin’s health. The biggest stressor we see reflected on our skin is our diets! When we eat a diet high in refined carbohydrates and sugar, our skin may “act out.” These skin tantrums can be seen in the form of pimples, breakouts, or even chronic acne! So one easy way to avoid an unhealthy complexion is to be aware of what you eat. 

Learn to love leafy green vegetables and antioxidant-rich foods like blueberries. Your skin is your largest organ and a reflection of your internal health. It will repay you back by staying clear and youthful.

A stressor on our skin that we sometimes don’t recognize is the skincare products we use. Chemicals in our cosmetics, skin cleansers, and even household products may lead to sensitive and irritated skin.  Even if your soap bar or dish detergent worked for years, sensitivities can develop at any time. Our bodies become sensitized through exposure to certain chemicals, so future exposure may lead to sensitive skin. It’s a great idea to learn about stressors in your skin diet and the products you are currently exposed to. One great way to start is to first get educated on the matter. Adina Grigore, the founder of S.W Basics, an all-natural skin care line, does a great job of teaching us on this matter in her book Skin Cleanse. Learning the basics about the benefits of ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, sweet almond oil, and turmeric will help you make wiser choices the next time you walk down the skincare aisle.

Inflammation and sensitivities are one of the major ways skin can show its irritation. If you are experiencing emotional stressors, then finding outlets to relieve your anxiety is more important than any skin cream. Exercise, for instance, can help tone and tighten your skin. When you exercise, you help blood flow, which carries nutrients and oxygen to your organs. Your skin is your largest organ, it is more able to maintain and achieve a healthy glow when it recieves nutrients through proper diet and exercise. Also, exercising makes you sweat — which is actually great for your skin. During the sweating process, your pores open up and dislodge dirt and impurities, which helps to cleanse the skin. Just remember to close those pores after you exercise by splashing some cool water on your face. 

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