Holiday Desserts That Won't Derail Your Diet

These sweet treats will make you merry without packing on the pounds
Have a Healthier Holiday

Don’t let the holidays become an excuse to cheat on your diet! Enjoy the festivities and stay on track with these sweet indulgences.


Let’s face it: the holidays can be perilous to your diet. So many of the things we eat this season are heavy on calories and fat — all very delicious, but definitely not the best for you. That applies to the main dishes and sides at the dinner table, but especially to the desserts, which are another story all together. Many of them can lead to full-on nutritional disaster.

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Some of you have been trying to keep up those healthy eating habits and working out as much as life allows you, but then along comes the holiday season, and willpower gets cast aside.

You may have managed to come up with healthy appetizers and ways to cut down on the calories for your holiday main courses, so that just leaves dessert.

Abstaining from dessert is hardly an option; it’s just too good and too much a part of so many holiday family traditions. Besides, you’ve done so well the rest of the year, you figure you can splurge a little on those tasty after-dinner treats.

This holiday season, give in and indulge with some desserts that won’t derail your diet. Fill your dessert table with lighter extravagances that sound nothing like healthier versions of holiday favorites — pumpkin spice doughnuts, brownies, lemon treats, carrot cake, and even chocolate pudding. You may find that they replace the traditional butter-laden holiday desserts with no protests at all from your taste buds.

Apple Cranberry Cobbler

Embrace winter’s bounty with an apple cranberry cobbler that is more healthful than your typical pie, but not lacking the deliciousness you crave in a dessert. The pretty colors of the sweet and tangy fruits make this cobbler a perfect holiday dessert. Serve up the warm cobbler with light ice cream or a dollop of Greek yogurt for a breakfast treat.

Date Bran Jingle Balls


Bran can seem kind of bland, definitely not a quality you want in your holiday sweet. But when you mix it with dates, toasted pecans, and a little brandy, you have a delicacy worthy of any holiday get-together. Date bran jingle balls are another no-bake treat that will keep that diet in check while satisfying your sweet tooth.