Rock Legend Eddie Money Shares His 'Peanut Butter Stew' Recipe

The "Real Money" star also picks his fav New York and Los Angeles spots

Legendary rock singer Eddie Money

With over 28 million albums sold over the last 40-something years, few rock singers have achieved success like Eddie Money. Many of Money's 24 charting singles remain radio staples -- including "Two Tickets To Paradise," "Take Me Home Tonight," "Shakin'," and "Baby Hold On" -- and The Money Man continues to play big stages all over the world.

2018 has been an interesting year for Money as it included the launch of the TV show Real Money, which stars the legendary singer, his wife Laurie, and their five children Jesse, Zach, Joe, Dez, and Julian. Three of those children – Jesse, Dez and Julian – are in Money’s backing band. The AXS TV series, which airs on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. local time, has also featured Money in the kitchen on multiple occasions.

When speaking with the Los Angeles native, who never lost his New York accent or sensibilities, I asked him about one of his favorite recipes, peanut butter stew, and how to roast the perfect chicken.

The Daily Meal: In two different episodes of Real Money, you were shown making your peanut butter stew. Where did the idea for that dish come from?
Eddie Money:
Actually, a buddy of mine in the '70s who used to work for the Peace Corps lived next door to me. He went to Kenya, where one of the locals turned him onto this thing called peanut butter stew. He gave me the recipe and I think it's a great dish. I've been making it for over 30 years and of course none of my kids are really that crazy about it. I pass the carrots, string beans and the chicken in the supermarket, and the next thing I know I'm buying a jar of peanut butter and I'm making a stew. (laughs) I'm addicted to it.

How long does it take to make? I ask because a television show will only show a few minutes of food prep, but I'd assume it takes 30 to 45 minutes.
Exactly. You've gotta bake the chicken, then you boil a quart of chicken broth, then the chicken broth you put in one jar of peanut butter, then some paprika and salt, and then you've gotta use some fresh carrots and string beans, you've gotta cut that. Then you've gotta make the potatoes, cook them about three-quarters of the way, then let the last quarter cook in the pot. A lot of people can make a mistake and overcook the potatoes. If the potatoes fall apart, the stew's not going to be as good.

Did your kids ever like the dish? Or do you think they were just playing it up for TV?
Nobody actually said, "We love this, you're making peanut butter stew again!" I've never heard that out of any of their mouths, but then again, my wife doesn't cook. I don't think she can boil water without burning it. I say, "What are you making for dinner?" She says, "Reservations." [laughs]

She likes salmon, and I've gotta love my wife because she stays healthy. She's number one in the spin class; she's in way better shape than I am. I like to cook...

Have you always been a cook?
I never cook when I'm on the road, but when I'm at home. I love to cook. I haven't made chicken in a long time. I bought a couple of chickens, I'm going to roast them with rosemary, salt and pepper, then I'm going to cook some potatoes, some cranberry sauce, and probably a chicken gravy with some mashed potatoes.
I'm from a family of five kids, my mother was always cooking Italian food. Pork chops, leg of lamb, fresh ham. What my mother could do with an egg was amazing.

You mentioned "reservations" before. Are there any spots in Los Angeles that you can hip our readers to?
No, I don't know, the kids are always trying new restaurants all the time. Frankly, every time I want to eat, the restaurant's closed. Who ever heard of a restaurant out here that's closed for lunch? What the hell is all that about? (laughs)

All these California cuisines, you don't want any part of it, it's horrible. I'd rather eat in New York where you can get chicken cacciatore or a nice piece of pizza, or go to a Jewish deli and get a good corned beef sandwich on rye or liverwurst. You can't get good liverwurst out here. I like to a liverwurst sandwich with really good cheese and really good mustard. I like to eat good, believe me.

Did you ever come close to opening up a restaurant or investing in a restaurant?
No, I used to work in restaurants. I worked at Aunt Jemima's Pancake House, trying to get all the napkins off the maple syrup. I was never a cook or anything like that. I've had some horrible jobs. I wasn't always Eddie Money, you know?