Denny’s Launches Han Solo-Inspired Menu Before New Star Wars Movie Hits Theaters

Now you can have TWO moons over your hammy

Denny’s Han Solo Menu includes the Two Moons Skillet, which cleverly features two fried eggs.

Who doesn’t want to live like Han Solo? He’s the charming rogue of the Star Wars universe after all. And while maybe you don’t quite have what it takes to be a hero/smuggler/pilot/general of the Rebel Alliance, you can eat like one this spring at Denny’s. In anticipation of the upcoming Han Solo film Solo: A Star Wars Story, Denny’s has crafted a five-item menu inspired by this classic character.

The Han Solo-inspired menu launched in Denny’s locations nationwide on Wednesday (April 4), roughly six weeks before the Star Wars prequel hits theaters on May 25. It includes bold menu items inspired by everyone’s favorite captain of the Millennium Falcon.

Denny's Blaster Fire Burger


Blaster Fire Burger

The flavors and food combinations certainly do pack a punch. The Blaster Fire Burger, for instance, comes complete with chipotle Gouda cheese, bacon, and a spicy ghost pepper sauce. The Co-Reactor Pancake Breakfast gives you a side of “Crystal Crunch Rocks” (aka Pop Rocks) to go with your buttermilk pancakes, fresh strawberries, strawberry sauce, and whipped cream. The two moons of Tatooine are represented with the Two Moons Skillet, which consists of diced ham, spinach, sautéed mushrooms, hash browns, a Gouda cheese sauce, and two eggs. And no special Denny’s menu would be complete without a special Grand Slam. The Lightspeed Slam reimagines the health-conscious Fit Slam with egg whites scrambled together with fresh spinach and grape tomatoes, turkey bacon, an English muffin and fruit.

Denny's Co-Reactor Pancake Breakfast


Co-Reactor Pancake Breakfast

If getting Star Wars-themed food isn’t your thing but you’re still a fan of the franchise, Denny’s is also selling collector cups with a Millenium Falcon lid and trading cards with 12 different Solo: A Star Wars Story characters on them. The trading cards come in packs of two and cost $3. Proceeds from the collectible cups and cards will help to benefit No Kid Hungry. Denny’s has actually raised millions of dollars for this notable charity — and if you didn’t know that, we bet you didn’t know these eight other things about the beloved diner chain.