Between-Season Centerpieces (slideshow)

Ideas for your table between the big holidays


A bundle of beautiful branches can add a beautiful, non-committal touch of nature to your table. Accent your bundle with appropriate seasonal foliage if you’re looking to keep it up year-round, or let it just stand on its own among some candles for a classic look.

Painted Mason Jars

Mason jars are the all the crafty rage in 2013, and these specifically painted ones are perfect for any table. These beautiful centerpieces are the perfect blend of neutral colors that can be dressed up to fit any décor with flowers, linens, or plain baby’s breath, as pictured here!


If you’re the type of person who loves flowers but can’t keep them alive for more than a day, try getting these long-lasting plants in your place. You can buy beautifully arranged ones and add your own personal touch to it with lights and dried vines.


This landscape terrarium is just the beginning of your world-in-a-vase possibilities. Starting with this base gives you the opportunity to turn this tiny town into a seasonal delight. Add crumbled fall leaves for an autumn town or sprinkle in fake snow when the wintertime hits. Or if you want to keep it plain, you can add twinkly lights to light up the town. 

Wine Bottles

These hand-cut hurricane wine bottles will add the perfect ambiance to any room. Cluster them together or scatter them along a long table, and your daily dinners will be lit by a beautiful soft candlelight. To keep it fresh, try regularly rearranging them or adding garland to the display.