7 Movie-Inspired Wedding Cakes (Slideshow)

Enjoy these movie-inspired wedding cakes

Lord of the Rings

Fantasy nerds proudly unite with this beautiful fantasy Lord of the Rings cake, which is eccentric and fun yet elegant and classic, just like the trilogy!

The Wizard of Oz

Based on one of the best and most classic films of all time, this Wizard of Oz cake is both charming and exquisite. Will you follow the yellow brick road to a happy marriage?

The Bride of Frankenstein

When reminiscing about classic films of love, you have to include The Bride of Frankenstein and their unusual but nonetheless fervent devotion. This cute and comical cake evokes a quirky charm that will please every movie lover in the room.

Harry Potter

Who wouldn’t want to feel as powerful as a witch or wizard on their big day? This cake takes us back to the days of casting spells as we watched this classic fantasy film.


Yes, you better believe it — there have been countless wedding themes devoted to the infatuation of the Twilight franchise. Conjure up the ardent love that Edward and Bella share with this edgy and brooding Twilight cake.

James Bond

Want to add some action to your wedding day? Consider this James Bond cake and feel like an undercover spy as you strut down the aisle. This entertaining confection will ensure that your wedding won’t have a dull moment, and your guests won’t be able to resist the James Bond charm — who can?

Star Wars

From far away, this may look like your average white wedding cake, but your guests will be pleased to see that up close, the truth is in the quirky details as Star Wars characters accompany this fantasy cake.