50 States, 50 Wedding Planners (Slideshow)

We found the best people to plan your wedding across the country

Alabama: Inspiring Awe Events and Floral

A Southern wedding star, this visionary group comes with the entire package when it comes to planning weddings. Not only does this premier planner offer consultations for stellar events, but they also help couples negotiate vendor and event finances so their perfect day doesn't cost them a pretty penny.   

Alaska: Art Services North

What we love most about this planner is their ability to transform a wedding into an event. With an intense attention to details, the planners at Art Services North know how to take a theme or concept and bring it to life. 

Arizona: Some Like It Classic

Inspired by some of the most breathtaking brides in history, Some Like It Classic strives to bring Old World class to modern brides. Promising to stay on budget while exceeding expectations, this premier bridal service has also catered to stars like the legendary Alice Cooper, as seen on their site! 

Arkansas: Details Weddings & Events

If you happen to be looking to get married in the state of Arkansas and want to make sure your day is especially catered to your tastes, call on Details Weddings & Events. Not only are they experts at creating a flawless day, but they have the ability to adjust to your preferences and create a completely customized 

California: Sassy Girl Weddings and Events

The sunny state is home to several amazing planners, but one that really caught our eye was Sassy Girl Weddings and Events. This group dedicates itself to clients and works to cater packages around their needs while creating bright, whimsical events for modern couples.

Colorado: A Touch of Bliss

We love the regional pride this planner has for the brides and grooms of the Colorado area. A Touch of Bliss is able to really connect to their clients' needs and has a proven history of dealing with high-stress quick fixes to create flawless days. We love their use of colors in their events and appreciate the level of detail they put into each occasion. 

Connecticut: Amy Champagne Events

For Connecticut brides that have a DIY spirit but know their limits, this sensational event group has just the package for you. While of course they have a long list of full event services, this innovative group has amazing add-ons and month-of services for brides ready to hand over the reins. 

Delaware: LovelyGirls Events

Simple and elegant, LovelyGirls Events is perfect for a traditional bride looking to make her mark with her big day. While most of their designs trend toward the classical side, they don't let that confine or define their creativity. They even offer brides great DIY advice on their blog, so couples can be involved in the planning process as little or as much as they want. 

Florida: Your Special Day by Joni

Getting married by the ocean in the south of Florida may sound like a breeze to coordinate, but your tranquil Zen-like state will quickly turn to stress without the right help. Enter Your Special Day by Joni: an event planner who not only works well under tight timelines, but she does great with helping Florida destination wedding plans, too. We love her ability to transform average spaces into opulent events. 

Georgia: Creative Events by Susan Pando

Sometimes you just cannot compete with a classic. This Georgia-based planner is known as a party authority in the Southern state and is often a go-to when brides are seeking advice. She has a lot of insight on local vendors and a reputable reputation with many of them, so she can make any Georgia couple's day the most tailored experience it can be. 

Hawaii: Oahu Wedding

When you decide to get married on the beaches of beautiful Hawaii, it is safe to assume that you want your wedding to be as relaxed as the environment it's set in. Oahu Wedding offers clients advice and options for every aspect of their wedding in a complete one-stop-shop way without compromising quality. 

Idaho: Alisa Lewis Event Design’s

Take a look at Alisa Lewis Event Design's work and one word comes to mind: rustic. We love their ability to transform an outdoor space into a magical, elegant event with the exact know-how about working with the natural elements of the setting. 

Illinois: Big City Bride

Cutting-edge, fierce, and full of flair, this planner knows how to make an event truly a memorable one. Brides can choose to lean on their consultant as little or be as involved as they wish. What we love about these planners, though, is their undeniable zest and knack for creating fun events. Navigating the muddy waters of vendors, locations, and designs isn't easy, but Big City Planners come with enough accolades and high reviews to make trusting them an easy thing!

Indiana: Cathy Teeters Beautiful Weddings & Design Studio

A bridal consultant who doubles as a floral genius, this wedding planner has the capability to turn a wedding day into an enchanted event. Cathy Teeters' ability to consider coordination and design is key to her success. She offers clients a variety of services backed by years of know-how that makes her planning style flexible for any couple's needs. 

Iowa: An Elegant Affair


Aside from handling all of the heavy lifting, what makes this Iowa-based planner stand out above the rest is their soup-to-nuts approach to wedding planning. Not only do they offer regular planning services, but they also help couples take care of small details, with planning options that cover everything from big-ticket things to small items like invitations and gifts. 

Kansas: Patti Gehring Signature Weddings

Trusting someone with your wedding day is not an easy thing to let do. Your wedding day is a celebration of your unique love, something that is a blend of tradition and trend-setting. Patti Gehring and her team have a knack for pulling off successful events rooted in traditional style while putting their (and your) own twist on it. 

Kentucky: Weekend Wedding Warrior

Weekend Wedding Warrior is sort of like your wedding superhero sidekick. You hatch all of the brilliant plans and they help see them through. Taking the burden off the bride and groom (and their loved ones), this event coordinator makes sure that all of the details are settled before the big event and run smoothly the day of. We love that their attention to details is unparalleled — they even make sure newlyweds have the wedding-day snacks and cake packed up so they can enjoy the food they may have missed when they were celebrating. 

Louisiana: Unique Weddings in New Orleans

If you are a New Orleans resident, you have a ton of party expectations to contend with. After all, NOLA didn't get its partying reputation from quiet nights and reserved people! Unique Weddings can make sure that your event is one to remember. This premier planner specializes in coordinating and budgeting your vendors to make sure that the details make your event a remarkable one. 

Maine: The Purple Orchid Event Planning

"Making it work" is something The Purple Orchid is known for. This wedding and event planner has a knack for connecting with clients and their needs and making sure that the day is a grandiose one no matter the couple's budget. We love that clients rave about the planner's communication skills and that the company makes sure that everyone from vendors to the couple is aware and on board in order to meet everyone's needs. 

Maryland: eventi planning

Weddings have truly turned into artistic events. Modern brides are constantly looking for the balance between current beauty and time-honored traditions for their wedding days. With the help of planners like eventi planning, brides can feel confident that they will get the best of both worlds. We love that this planner can take concepts like Disney's Up! and turn it into a classy, quirky event with subtle details. 

Massachusetts: Tangorra Wedding Planning

A household name in Boston area event planning, Tangorra Wedding Planning consistently pulls off occasions that are talked about for decades. We absolutely love their variety of styles and their acclaimed ability to process and produce a bride's dream day.

Michigan: A Moment in Time

Watching planners at A Moment in Time work is like watching an artist with a blank canvas. With finesse and style, this company makes your marital process a breeze with established contacts and design artistry under their belt. These planners do not skimp on their services and offer clients the ability to maximize the potential of any package they select to help them get through their day seamlessly. 

Minnesota: Lasting Impressions Wedding and Event Coordination

Minnesota: Lasting Impressions Wedding and Event Coordination
Filled with opulence, elegance, and decadence, Lasting Impressions' events are absolutely bursting with beauty. Their use of lush colors and ornate designs is backed by a complete list of services. We love that they get down to the nitty-gritty details with clients and make sure that they are informed and involved during the decision-making process. 

Mississippi: Signature Occasions Wedding & Event Coordinators

For couples who have a unique sense of rustic style, Signature Occasions is the perfect planner. What makes this planning service stand out, aside from their variety of event packages, is that they are also experts in planning destination weddings. With a certified travel agent on staff, not only will they make your destination wedding a success, but they can even help plan your honeymoon!

Missouri: A Bride's Ally

With a give-it-to-you-straight style, A Bride's Ally honestly approaches coordination in a budget-friendly way. They support brides through a series of consultations, allowing the bride to decide how the time she's paying for is spent so they can offer rational, affordable services. Providing expert advice on trends, etiquette, and major decision-making, this coordinator's goal is to simply be a guiding support system that can help navigate the world of stressful wedding planning. 

Montana: Patricia Clark Weddings

With an impressive client satisfaction rate, Patricia Clark Weddings are masters at last-minute organization should you need it. Not only do they accommodate couples who are down to the wire, they also offer an array of services that cater to specific needs. They even have wedding officiants available for any belief system!

Nebraska: Special Occasion by Design

To be taken care of before you walk down the aisle is one thing, but to be guided as early on as picking out the ring is a whole new level of service. Special Occasion by Design offers clients a VIP treatment that really gets the finer details squared away. The personal time they are capable of committing to a couple allows for the actual event to feel like a personalized one!

Nevada: Forget Me Knot Events

Because not all Nevada weddings are all presided over by Elvis, Forget Me Knot Events can help a bride get very creative for her day. They seem to be a master at themed events, with dozens of ideas packed in their portfolio, from Rustic Ranch to Tahoe Tuscany. Aside from creating a signature event, they also provide a wide range of detailed services to get you down the aisle in one piece! 

New Hampshire: Something Borrowed, Something New Events

This all-inclusive wedding planning service not only takes care of wedding-day essentials in New Hampshire, but they also service Boston and, well, the world. This stellar event company can help you plan your big day in your backyard or overseas. This planner is especially proud of being so available to clients and they will make you feel secure during your entire engagement process. 

New Jersey: Pure Ambiance Event Design

Events are brought to life when they are meticulously executed. Pure Ambiance Design Events' weddings are remarkable works of art, filled with stunning production enhancements and lavish concepts. What is especially great about them is their impressive network of contacts, which could lead to your favorite celebrity appearing and performing at your wedding, like Kevin Hart!

New Mexico: Orange September

If a couple needs help just getting a jump-start on planning in the New Mexico area, they should consider turning to Orange September. Though they do offer full planning services, their impressive feature is their "a la carte" menu that helps brides and grooms pick and choose what they get help with. One particularly cool feature is their Elopement Package to make a carefree wedding go even more smoothly! 

North Carolina: Coordinated Events

Noted as one of the best planners in the state, Coordinated Events offers soon-to-be newlyweds the ease and comfort of a full-service planner for a stress-free wedding day. We love how they are able to work with a diverse range of couples to achieve completely customized events.  

New York: Cynthia Ross Affairs

Looking for a chic and stylish event? Cynthia Ross Affairs not only ensures a timely, well-executed day, but they will also make sure that your wedding day is nothing less than magical. With her extensive theme development and willingness to push design boundaries, Cynthia Ross can offer couples the chance to have a truly unique wedding day. 

North Dakota: Everlasting Events and Celebrations

Getting inspired for your wedding might seem like something that should come naturally, but sometimes getting caught up in the moment makes you lose sight of obvious ideas. This event planner is exceptional at simplifying and executing concepts around the small details that define a wedding. They are also constantly tweaking their services and are experts in cutting-edge trends like candy buffets and dessert tables. 

Ohio: I-Do Weddings and Events

Weddings are all about style, from the tables to the food itself. This premier planner is a master at keeping themes and styles strong throughout the event. They offer services like photo shoot coordination and pre-wedding party advice to make sure that the entire process is coordinated in a seemingly effortless manner.

Oklahoma: Erica Weddings

Oklahoma clients who are looking for a simply smooth wedding day should consider calling Erica Weddings. Not only are all of her clients well taken care of, but Erica Weddings is careful to work within the necessary confines of a couple's budget for a day they won't have a single regret about!

Oregon: Bridal Bliss

Every aspect of event planning is essential and we love that Bridal Bliss manages to perfectly execute grand weddings with their tailored services, which have been noted in dozens of publications and highly ranked reviews. However, what caught our eye about this company was their emphasis on working with dessert designers to make sure your sweet table acts as the perfect accent to your themed wedding event. 

Pennsylvania: Details by Kelly Miller

Aside from a beautifully designed wedding and a large range of satisfied customers, what measures the success of a wedding planner is their ability to cater to clients in ways their competitors aren't. Of course we love all of the aspects of Kelly Miller's event planning business, but what we really love is her service that caters to brides without a budget for a planner. With their virtual planning guide, couples can plan their weddings with expert advice and tips that come in the way of three 30-minute consultation phone calls.

Rhode Island: Eventfully Planned

For a perfect Rhode Island wedding, you have to call on the expertise of Eventfully Planned, a full planning service that takes breathtaking events to an entirely new level. While we are impressed with their planning prowess across the board, what caught our eye was their ability to transform a tented wedding. These types of events are often difficult to pull off, but Eventfully Planned manages to create a comfortable atmosphere in a unique setting.

South Carolina: Pure Luxe Bride

For the type-A personalities out there, Pure Luxe Bride approaches wedding planning artfully and pragmatically. With access to these premier wedding planners, couples can be sure that there will be an exact plan to help curate a perfect wedding day. We love that they believe in the creative spirit and use tried and true methods to get there!

South Dakota: Simply Devine

A party planner that truly considers their clients' desires, Simply Devine offers brides of South Dakota an opportunity to put their big day on the map. With services that include everything from creating keepsake-worthy invitations to putting together decadent food and wine pairings for your event, guests will walk away saying wow!

Tennessee: Southern Event Planners

To make a moment magical you have to consider all possibilities. We found that Southern Event Planners, based in Tennessee, are just the people you need behind the scenes on your big day. They have a full cart of services available, from consultations to design, and we love that they also offer directional services that let you plan the wedding and hand the reins over on the big day!

Texas: After Yes

Every wedding has something that makes it memorable. Whether it is the tear-jerking vows or the delicious food, guests always walk away buzzing about something. If you want the something to be the décor, you have to call on After Yes. As master stylers who are beloved by brides across the state, After Yes has the visionary gumption to transform any event to have your dream look. 

Utah: Donna Urban Events

Salt Lake City brides can put their wedding woes aside with the help of Donna Urban Events. This premier consultant is a total soup-to-nuts planner who is rated amongst the top in the state. What wins her clients over is her ability to connect and make each event personal for families. 

Vermont: VT Enchanted Events

For weddings to be magical, they have to perfectly sum up a couple. If you are looking to tell a personal story on your wedding day, a call to VT Enchanted Events could help you get your point across. While they of course offer useful planning services, their Signature Series Collection that showcases a number of customizable themes makes us wish we were all engaged in Vermont!

Virginia: Virginia: Emily Weddings

A good planner gets you through your day without worry. A great planner works overtime and coordinates with amazing vendors to make your event unforgettable. That is exactly what the talent at Emily Weddings does; they have worked closely and built up a trusted relationship with many vendors so your wedding day gets premium, trusted service. 

Washington: Wishes! Wedding and Event Coordination

This Seattle-based planner has an impressive résumé of satisfied clients and an eclectic portfolio. Not only does this cutting-edge planner work to make sure all of your events, inside or out, are utterly flawless and perfectly tended to, but we also really appreciate their ability to cater to clients' cultural needs and that they make sure the couple's requests are taken seriously and taken care of.

West Virginia: Fab Affairs, LLC

Making lemonade out of the lemons life hands you can be pretty when you enlist Fab Affairs, LLC. These planners make sure that each couple gets a stress-free, beautiful wedding. Karen and her team do an excellent job of turning disasters into flawless events so happy couples can enjoy their day none-the wiser. 

Wisconsin: Tailored Engagements

Aside from their beautiful vision and stellar execution, Tailored Engagements gives couples more variety and diversity than any of its stately competitors. They provide a services menu that explicitly describes options and educates couples, and we can't help but be impressed!

Wyoming: Embellish Productions

We love it when a company connects. These lovely planners completely get their clientele, as you can tell even just from a quick visit to their site, which is packed with tips on the hottest trends. The company's informal (albeit professional) demeanor with which they create simply elegant events makes Embellish Productions one of the most sought-after in the state