Let the Sommelier Help You Pick a Wine from 5 Surprising Wine Etiquette Tips (Slideshow)

5 Surprising Wine Etiquette Tips (Slideshow)

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Let the Sommelier Help You Pick a Wine

Navigating a restaurant wine list can be a challenge. Some are set up by region, others by style, some by price. On top of that, restaurants tend to seek out unique and interesting wines that you probably haven't had before and may very well not be "typical" of their region. What's a thirsty diner to do? Well, no one knows more about that wine list than sommelier, so that's a great place to start. They know the ins and outs of every wine on the list.

All they need to make a good recommendation for you is to know what you like. Of course, this can be tricky as well, because how many of us can articulate what we like?

Here's a tip: Use the Drync app to remember and rate all the wines you try, then show your wine history to the sommelier. They will have a wealth of information to help you choose a wine you'll love. Then, use the Drync app again to scan, rate, and even buy that awesome wine you just discovered in seconds. No more scratching your head to remember or searching countless stores in vain — the wine comes to you!