5 New Year’s Eve Party Tables (Slideshow)

Start the new year off right with these gorgeous ideas!

Countdown Celebration

For a countdown-themed party, make a bold statement by using primarily black and white combined with silver accents. Adding numbered stickers or decals to stemware is a cheap and easy way to transform what you already own (plus, this will help your guests remember whose is whose.) For a fun New Year’s activity, pop each balloon during the "10, 9, 8…" countdown to greet 2014 with a bang! If you’re not afraid of a little mess, put glitter or confetti in the balloons for an unexpected surprise. 

Dessert Buffet

Creating a dessert buffet for New Year’s Eve is a family-friendly way to celebrate, so invite your friends who are parents — and the little ones, too! Display desserts at varying heights for a more appealing spread. Cake stands and raised dishes are ideal, but get creative with large upside-down bowls or even wide candle holders. Stick with just a few colors, such as white, blue, and silver, for an eye-catching result.


A potluck party is a one of the easiest ways to host friends, family, and neighbors because everyone chips in. Ask guests to write the names of their dishes on brown paper and display them in tabletop frames. Create a banner for guests to write their resolutions as a fun activity. Keep the décor neutral with graphic table linens, miscellaneous serving pieces, and a few small touches of greenery.

Romantic Dinner for Two

Whether it's your first or your 50th year together, what's sexier than a New Year's Eve dinner for two? Ring in 2014 with a table arrangement that sets the mood. A glass bowl holds floating candles (flattering light!) and orchid blooms. Metallic dahlia placemats make it even fancier. Set the table in black, white, and purple, then top with a kiss.

Marvelous Masquerade

Shimmering with sequins and gleaming with gold, this table is dressed to the nines. For a centerpiece, look no further than the noisemakers, horns, and masks to be used that night; glass vessels let them shine. Set the table by layering metallic-accented linens with gold dishes. Gold brocade wine glasses sparkle in the candlelight.