Honey Jar from 5 Honey and Apple Centerpieces for a Sweet New Year (slideshow)

5 Honey and Apple Centerpieces for a Sweet New Year (slideshow)

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Honey Jar

Use a shapely glass honey jar to bring a subtle holiday flare to your table. Instead of filling your jar with the sweet stuff, try filling it with apples so you can incorporate both symbolic foods. Dress your table in a deep red linen to play off the richness of the apples on display.  



You may not want to leave an actual honeycomb on your table, as that sticky sweetness could cause major cleanup problems. Instead look to its natural beauty for design inspiration. Create a table runner that resembles a honeycomb or even paint the honeycomb design on colored pots for an original look. 


Apple Tower

Leaving apples whole and on display is a great way to bring color and theme to your table. Stack both green and red apples onto a cake platter for an impressive tower. You can also use uniquely shaped plates or wood to artfully line apples up for display. 



If you are wary of putting decorative food on the table, try creating a honeysuckle arrangement. The fragrant flower comes in a variety of hues that can accent a number of linens. Try arranging a yellow honeysuckle against a red tablecloth or try a deep pink flower with a light yellow runner — either combination will capture the essence of the holiday. 



A simple wooden crate overflowing with apples can make a bold statement. You can paint the crate a golden honey color with a Hebrew blessing on the side, or simply sprinkle in honeysuckle flowers between the apple mounds. You’ll create an alluring centerpiece that is easily reusable for other fall events!

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5 Honey and Apple Centerpieces for a Sweet New Year (slideshow)