4 Budget Friendly Tailgating Ideas for a Fun Football Season

You’ll love these fun and budget friendly tailgating tips
Tailgate Spread


Give your guests options at your next tailgate.

With the football season in full swing, the coming months will be filled with the chants and cheers for both NFL matchups and college rivalries. All of the football season madness calls for a tailgating and (party) game-plan at home. Luckily, Coupons.com Savings Expert Jeanette Pavini, put together football season “life hacks,” to keep money in your pocket for the big party on game day.

Create Your Own Football Photo Booth

Hang a green table cloth or fabric on a wall and use masking tape to add the field markings. Provide guests with a variety of props (pom-poms, helmets, jerseys, footballs, and a ref whistle) and let them have some photo booth fun during your viewing party.

Save Money on Your Biggest Expense

Meat is usually a major football party budget buster, but fortunately you can almost always find meat coupons at Coupons.com. For example, with a $1 off coupon we were able to get a 2-lb barbecue seasoned pork roast for $5.98 (or $2.99/lb). The pork roast is already seasoned, so it eliminates prep time and the cost of other ingredients. Throw it in the slow-cooker on game day morning for the easiest pulled pork you’ve ever made.

Serve Snacks Concession Style

Football season is also cold season, so keep the snacking germ free. Serve snack foods like popcorn, chips and candy in festive, individual concession-style servings. Use box lids to make DIY concession style trays for serving.

Stock up on Football Season Essentials


Now is a great time to look for deals on tailgating and party essentials like portable canopies, folding tables, chairs, and ice chests that you can reuse. Many of these items go down in price after peak camping season. Visit sporting goods sites such as DICK’S, or Home Wet Bar for sales, because their clearance section helps you save at least 25% on your favorite tailgating essentials.