18 Crazy Wedding Cake Toppers (Slideshow)


Ken and Barbie

Every little girl dreams of the day she gets married and has probably spent hours marrying Barbie to her beau Ken. For the bride who never quite outgrew the idea of that plastic romance, this wedding cake topper is perfect. Although, we aren’t quite sure what it means that they are decapitated...

Available for $50.

State Pride

If you and your sweetie are from opposite ends of the world (and have tons of local pride), check out these state-inspire toppers. You can customize them with your state, initial, and wedding date.

Available for $39.99.

Minion Topper

Taking inspiration from Despicable Me’s adorably mischievous anti-heroes, this couple surrounded themselves with the loveable ankle-biters for their big day. These are made to order and handcrafted out of wood, paper, ribbon, and clay.

Available for $191.47.

Undying Love

Nothing looks more appetizing a top a cake of white than a newly mutilated married couple. They may look like they have a flesh-eating disease, but we think it is kind of a cool way to promise "'til death do us part."

Available for $40.

Betrothed Gnomes

If you are going for a garden wedding, this is definitely one way to stick to the theme! These quirky characters will bring a lot of color and a lot of personality to your wedding cake.

Available for $125.

Football Lovers

We aren’t sure if he is prying her away from her favorite team or if he is trying to drag her to the game. Either way, this cake topper is perfect for the semi-traditional couple who just happens to love one of America’s favorite pastimes.

Available for $59.99.


We know you’re ready for your wedding night, but to give everyone a piece of action, consider this PDA-approved cake topper. Who knew dessert could be so sexy?

Available for $38.95.

Peas in a Pod

These bright green happy pods are perfect for a couple who just fit together. Set atop a spring cake or for a garden wedding, this cake topper is just crazy enough to work.

Available for $54.


For the "corky" couple, this simple topper has both personality and flare. Made from wire and natural wine corks, this would be perfect for a rustic or vineyard wedding.

Available for $25.

Gaming Characters

What symbolizes love better than Mario’s loyal steed? These Yoshi cake toppers are perfect for the pair who likes to mix tradition and fun!

Available for $100.

Hunting Season

The hunt for love may be over, but for the backwoods kind of couple, these doe and deer cake toppers are the best game around. We love (and are slightly freaked out by) their little bridal outfits!

Available for $49.

Vintage Find

We have no idea what kind of cake would suit these hollowed-out vintage Halloween heads. All we know is that these creepy cake toppers are going to haunt our dreams forever.

Available for $6.95. 

Zombie Cupcakes

Combine the undead with a sweet tooth and you get... zombie cupcakes? Hey, for a Halloween wedding or just a really fun couple, this cake topper is just crazy enough to work!

Available for $65.

Mythical Creatures

We just... we don’t... well there is definitely somebody for everybody. If you feel the Abominable Snowman and Big Foot are the perfect symbol of your union, we salute you!

Available for $22.


For a couple as wild as the West, consider these intricate and ornate cake toppers. We know who will be knockin’ boots later!

Available for $42.


What says love better than bacon? We give them props on a cool topper — but wouldn’t it be neat if the cake was bacon-flavored, too? This would be perfect for a cabin wedding in the woods.

Available for $40.

An Odd Pairing

So a robot and a deer walk into a bar... OK we have no idea where we were going with that. But honestly, we aren’t sure where this cake topper is going, either. If the deer and robot aren’t enough for you, don’t stress — there are plenty of crazy combinations this Etsy shop can cook up for you!

Available for $50

Red Lobster

We definitely appreciate a great seafood dinner as much as the next guy, but if your love of the deep blue is deeper than you can imagine, these quirky lobster toppers are great for your big day.

Available for $80.