16 Questions Everyone Asks Mom About Cooking

Because who can tell the difference between baking soda and baking powder anyway?
Cooking Questions for Mom

You know you’ve been at least tempted to ask mom one of these questions since you’ve moved out.

1.    “I have to do WHAT with the turkey’s WHAT?!”

2.    “Can’t chicken be a little pink, too?”

3.    “So what would happen if I just like, didn’t put flour in the cookies? No I get it, but like what would actually happen? Won’t they still taste like yours?”

4.    “I think I defrosted too much meat. I can just pop it back in the freezer, right?”

5.    "Do I really have to mix it? Won't it all just get mixed up when it melts in the oven?"

6.    “So I don’t have butter, but I do have  margarine — it’s like the same thing, right?”

7.    “What do you mean I have to let it rest? Does it need a break from cooking or something?”

8.    “Exactly where does ‘stock’ come from?”

9.    “Aren’t baking powder and baking soda the same thing?”

10.   “Why can’t I put that iron skillet thing in the dishwasher? It is a dish-like utensil, is it not?”

11.  “Can you send me that beef stew recipe you used to make when we were kids? Oh, there were multiple versions of beef stew? Can you just send me the good one?”

12.   “I can use Velveeta on my grilled cheese, right?”

13.  “So how does one get food coloring [or grease or red wine] out of fabric…let’s say a rug?”

14.   “How does once mince something? How is it different from chopping?”

15.  “But I don’t understand — how fine is finely? I need to know. And on top of that, how small is a pinch?”

16.   “What do you mean ‘season to taste’? Everything tastes good to me.”