15 Dishes You Have to Make for Super Bowl 50

These dishes are perfect for serving while you're watching this year's big game
Perfect Dishes for The Big Game

Brian Sheehan previews our menu for the top snacks, appetizers, and dishes for the Super Bowl game this year.

Spicy Chili Cheese Dogs


Enjoy these treats even though you can’t take your eyes away from the game.

The fiftieth anniversary of the Super Bowl is quickly approaching, and we can’t wait for this year’s game. Maybe it’s because this is the most anticipated football game of the year, or maybe it’s because we've created a menu of mouth-watering game day dishes to cook for the big game, which takes place this year on February 7. 

Since we can’t party with Guy Fieri and eat his incredible feast (well, you can for $700), we’ve developed an amazing menu for you to serve to all of your friends. Forget Fieri’s whole hog throwdown and try our creamy Buffalo wings and halftime chili instead. Your guests will think you’re a professional chef after you serve them these tasty, hearty dishes.

And while we don’t know who will be competing for the win yet, we can prepare ahead of time to make sure this is the greatest Super Bowl ever. Throwing any successful Super Bowl party requires incredible food, which is easily achievable with our recipes! Oh, and beer! Don’t forget that every good game day has a lot of beer! Grab a cold one, chow down on a meatball hoagie, and let us guide you through this year’s Super Bowl menu.

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