12 Spookiest Halloween-Themed Wedding Cakes


Halloween-Themed Wedding Cakes

Halloween weddings are great for couples whose favorite holiday is more freaky than festive. Though seemingly unconventional, there is something sweet about beginning a new chapter of life on a day that historically honored the deceased. After all, you are promising to love each other until death do you part.

Marble Couple

Slightly eerie, but utterly gorgeous, Design Cakes’ statuesque designs are hauntingly beautiful. We love the rough shards of “marble” juxtaposed with the smooth Victorian cake toppers. 

Pumpkin Cakes

Ok, it may not be “creepy,” but it is definitely seasonal. Hope’s Sweet Cakes tiered pumpkins are perfect for Halloween or any beautiful fall wedding. 

Bride of Chucky

Black Cherry Cake Company is no stranger to incredibly creepy cakes. We just hope that the couple who ordered this cake has a far less tumultuous marriage than their cake doppelgangers. 

Love Never Dies

What could be more romantic on Halloween than a couple that doesn’t even part in death? We love the cake topper, but those eerie purple tiers are what really make this Halloween wedding cake special. 


A graveyard has never looked more romantic. This fun and cute Halloween cake is perfect for a laid-back Halloween wedding!

Realistic Heart Cake

Talk about getting to heart of true love! This cake is for all of the romantic bleeding hearts out there. 

Corset Cake

This cake just seems like a typical Halloween cake until you really think about what it is. Mixing a blend of beautiful Halloween colors, this is the corseted back of some scary Halloween ghoul: note the stitches on the skin!


With blood splatters and severed limbs, we aren’t exactly sure that this cake is a romantic way to express confectionary love. But we are sure that this is one really creepy cake that perfectly captures the unsettling spirit of Halloween.

Corpse Bride

The “creepiness” of this cake is subtle but there none the less. Thought the Tim Burton characters are almost sweet, we can’t help but notice the thorny vine encircling the topsy-turvy cake tiers. 

Skull Curtain

This cake does a great job of blending the eerie with the beautiful. We love the dramatic details that haunt and entice us on this wedding cake!

Halloween Landscape

With the horrors of Halloween laid out in this bright cake landscape, we love how this baker incorporated his own style with the classic Tim Burton Corpse Bride characters. 

Zombie Wedding

For a couple that can tackle anything, this “Land of the Wed” zombie wedding cake is perfect! We are particularly impressed with the smaller detail of bloody intestines artfully draped on the cake.