11 Food-Related Baby Names Given By Perpetually Hungry Parents

The Social Security Administration released the most popular baby names of 2013, and 262 kids where named Kale
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27 baby girls were named Apple in 2013.

­­­­­When it comes to naming a child, most parents look to beloved aunts or a favorite character in a book or movie. But baby-naming inspiration can come at any moment — even at lunch. While food-related names like Rosemary and Olive have been around for centuries, more creative (or lazy?) food namesakes are becoming prevalent.

The United States Social Security Administration recently released data for the most popular baby names of 2013, and Dasani and Kale are on the menu. Below are 10 popular food-inspired baby names given by perpetually hungry parents.


Are you really surprised? Five baby girls and a whopping 257 baby boys were named after this trendy leafy green. Even less surprising is the fact that, according to the SSA, the highest concentration of baby Kales hail from California.


To most, Pepper brings back memories of the saltiest of orphans in “Annie.” But maybe a new Pepper will prosper in pop culture: 152 baby girls were named after the common table spice in 2013.


Yes, the Vodka. In 2013, 94 baby girls and seven baby boys had a mediocre vodka brand forever emblazoned on their birth certificates, and they can't even try their namesake for 21 years.


56 baby boys and 21 baby girls were named after this leafy herb in 2013. Maybe they have siblings named Mozzarella and Tomato and maybe they eat a lot of margherita pizza. Or maybe not.


Candy, usually short for Candice, is not a new name, but a whopping 62 baby girls were named after the sweet treat in 2013.


Honey, possibly another mustard-inspired name, was taken by 57 baby girls in 2013. Whether  inspired by the comb, mustard, or Mariah Carey, these girls are destined for sweetness.


34 baby girls and 9 baby boys were named after this bottled water brand. The most notable Dasani is probably the star of The New York Times’ exposé about homeless children, “Invisible Child,” published in December 2013. In other water bottle-related names, eight baby girls and eight baby boys were named Evian in 2013. Go figure.


In 2013, 27 baby girls were named Apple. This name trend has been on the rise since Gwyneth Paltrow named her baby girl Apple in 2004.


19 baby boys were named after this spicy mustard in 2013. Maybe this name foreshadows a spice for life. One thing’s for sure: these kids are forever condemned to correct the pronunciation for their substitute teachers.



15 parents were inspired by their Starbucks orders when naming their children in 2013, with seven baby girls and eight baby boys named after the popular tea.