Mini-Me Toppers from 11 Fabulous (Gay) Wedding Cakes Slideshow

11 Fabulous (Gay) Wedding Cakes Slideshow

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Fête equality with one of these cakes from same-sex weddings!

Mini-Me Toppers

Boho Weddings/Andy Wardle

This couple celebrated cut into a cake bearing miniature versions of the grooms as fondant cake toppers.

Toppers with a Sense of Humor

Boho Weddings/RJ Stills

Forgoing a traditional cake for a tower of cupcakes, the two brides also chose to replace traditional cake toppers with smooching rubber ducks.

Love Overflowing

Cake Central/mollyyyy

This cake literally overflows with color while still being tasteful.

Secret Heart


Cutting into this cake reveals both brightly colored layers and a heart at its center!

Many Layers

Cakes Decor/Fatcakes

Somehow both playful and elegant, this cake is bedecked with tiny fondant flowers that form a different colored heart on each layer.

Come Fly with Me

Boho Weddings/Hitched Studios/Tara Morris

This cake makes a playful reference to the wedding proposal: one groom had proposed to the other on an airplane banner.

Love Is for the Birds

Offbeat Bride/BG Productions

This couple chose a cake in simple, elegant white, but topped it with two playful wooden bluebirds.

Feature Flowers

Feather Love Photography/Noa

This couple’s elaborate cake featured neutral hues and lots of fresh flowers.

Higher and Higher

Flickr/Yummy Piece Of Cake

Play with your color scheme and feed all of your guests with a tower of rainbow cupcakes.

Naked Cupcakes

Wine and Glue

Jump on the “naked cake” trend and serve many-layered, rainbow, heart-shaped cupcakes.


Catch My Party/Karina R

Cut into something exciting with a rainbow layer cake! Add a bit of external color with matching mini pennant flags.