11 Etiquette Dos And Don'ts For Picnicking In The Park Slideshow

If everyone is packing a dish, make sure you pack double the amount, just in case people want seconds later on. 

Bye, Bye Bugs!

Always bring bug spray! Same with sunscreen — just because there are trees nearby doesn't mean the sun isn't there. 

Keep an Eye on the Kids. 

We are all for your kids playing outside — they need time away from the technology — just keep a watchful eye on them so they don't go too far. 


This is an opportunity to catch up with your close pals and relatives. Play ice-breaker games and get the conversation going. If you're picnicking solo, make friends with neighboring picnickers!

Cocktails… and Mocktails! 

Sure, drinking is fun if you're all onboard, but you should bring both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options — especially water to keep all of you hydrated throughout the warm day. 

Relax with the Tunes.

Sure, blasting Lil Wayne is great in the privacy of your own home, but it's likely that there's going to be kids nearby — so check your playlist before you press play. 

Be Active! 

Whether you have a Frisbee or a football, have fun with your day while the weather is beautiful. 

Go Barefoot in the Park. 

It's nice to feel the cool grass on your toes, but don't you dare put those feet near the food — no exceptions. 

Dressing on the Side. 

Unless it's a pasta, tuna, or egg salad, leave the dressing off your greens until you get to your picnic spot or else your salad will be extra soggy. 

Dress Properly. 

OK, here's the thing about picnics — they're all about relaxation and spending time with family and friends. So if you're going to dress comfortably — which we advise — don't wear something that's going to give people a show. (This one is for you, ladies!) 

Clean Up! 

Don't be that person who leaves their garbage all over the grass. Pack a garbage bag with you and use paper or sustainable plates so you can toss everything afterward easily.