11 Crazy Food-Themed Christmas Ornaments (Slideshow)

Trim your tree with these wacky finds

Crazy Pickle

Plush and pickled — that is how we like our holiday ornaments. We are digging the 'staches and the mad look in their little fabric eyes.

Available via Etsy, $13

One-Eyed Pumpkin

We’ve heard of the one-horned, one-eyed, flying purple people eater, but we have never heard of the one-eyed Christmas jack-o'-lantern! If you can’t let go of Halloween just yet, make sure you pick this gem up!

Available via Etsy, $25


Why yes, that is a frozen piece of pizza as a Christmas ornament. What of it?

Available via Etsy, $15

Can Origami

Well, don’t you feel stupid for throwing those cans into the recycling bin? These crafty can ornaments are pretty cool, and sort of resemble an aluminum star... festive!

Available via Etsy, $30

Talking Gingerbread Man

We are so addicted to our screens that even our Christmas cookies can’t put them down. Check out the hilarious expressions on his face — wonder if Mrs. Gingerbread ticked him off?

Available via Etsy, $20

Bacon Embryo

A bacon-wrapped embryo. This exists in real life. Heck, you could own it!

Available via Etsy, $16

Zombie Gingerbread Man

You know, this ornament raises a good point. Is it a form of zombification if we eat a gingerbread MAN?

Available via Etsy, $24


Not as bizarre as it could be, but we thought this personified taco was pretty out there for a Christmas tree!

Available via Etsy, $10

Mushroom Pirate

Shiver me timbers it is old one-eyed, Black Heart Mushroom! Oh leave us alone — we are trying here!

Available via Etsy, $8

Bacon Tree

We love bacon. We love Christmas trees. So we suppose the marriage of these two isn't that strange...

Available via Etsy, $12

Divine Steak

They say that "Jesus is the reason for the season," but this takes divinity to a whole new level. Inspired by the foods found with divine impressions, we get a peek at what Christ would look like if found in meat!

Available via Etsy, $12