10 Wedding Cake Fails Caught on Film (Slideshow)

From the inebriated to the destructive, these real wedding cake moments are epic fails

1. Communal Cake?

For some reason or another, these groomsmen think it is their place to smash the cake in their groom’s face. They are in for a rude awakening when the groom exacts revenge!

2. Cake Collapse

Well, if the pitcher of beer the groom is holding isn’t foreshadowing, we don’t know what is. The inebriated new groom saws into the cake only to discover that hacking at a confection isn’t the best method to getting a slice. 

3. Ruined Dress


Everything starts out super sweet, with the newlyweds executing a dainty feeding to one another. But as the bride tries to steady herself on the dessert cart, the entire cake crashes down, leaving the new bride a bit disheveled and more than miffed. 

4. Face Catch


As the staff walks the cake toward the table, the top tier suddenly begins to slip. The vigilant caterer tries to stop disaster with his teeth and ends up catching it... with his face.

6. Broken Knife


This perfectly sweet couple has a beautiful dessert display and an absolutely perfect wedding cake setup. The problem is, the fondant is so thick they can’t get to their delicious-looking cake!

7. Total Disaster

This elaborate, $1,200 cake is anything a couple could dream of in a wedding cake. However, when the couple tries to dig in, the entire thing comes crashing down!

8. A Little Windy

This cake doesn’t need any help from the couple to destroy itself. While the confection starts out a little lopsided, this beautiful cake only needs a nudge from the wind and it is all over. Our question is: what’s up with the guy just filming it and not stopping it from happening?!

9. Mysterious Force

All looks well and good while this couple cuts their cake. Until suddenly it implodes on itself, leaving no shreds of edible slides to be found. 

10. Monkey Madness

We don’t know if we should call this a fail or a moment of insanity. Either way, this video ends with a hilarious cake destruction and a man in a monkey mask...