10 Technicolor Wedding Cakes (Slideshow)

Forget the white frosting and consider bringing color back into your cake!

Royal Blue

Get one look at this bright cake and you’ll never lust after a traditional white cake again. This beautiful blue cake popping with flowers from Haute So Sweet  is perfect for a couple making a theme out of their color!

Mellow Yellow

For a sunny, shiny type of wedding, this light yellow cake from Wild Orchid Baking Company will brighten up any wedding party. This color would complement an array of gray tones for a lovely spring wedding. 

Green with Envy

Boldly bright green, this Pink Cake Box Cake will make those traditional cake lovers green with envy. We love how the artist used a range of contrasting styles to help emphasis that pretty green color!

Perfect Purple

An explosion of purple, glittery decadence, this amazing confection from cakelava is destined for a couple ready to let their funky side shine at their wedding reception. 

Pretty in Pink

If this doesn’t put Molly Ringwald to shame, nothing will. Frosted Art’s amazing pink topsy-turvy cake shows off an array of vibrant hues and darker contrasts to really bring this piece of edible art to life. 

Vibrant Orange

This beauty from Butterfly Bakeshop appears as a gorgeous, almost animated cake that we think is (almost) too beautiful to eat!

Crazy Colorful

Gimme Some Sugar is known for their loud, crazy, awe-inspiring style. They definitely do not disappoint with this beautiful cake that mixes not only a variety of interesting colors but textures as well!

Rainbow of Love

If you’re looking for a colorful cake, it doesn’t get any more brilliant than a rainbow. Wild Orchid Baking Companys confection has plenty of multi-colored love for a couple who is looking to live their life with some vibrancy. 

Ruby Red

If red is the color of love, Sugar Moon Cake Co. absolutely has the right idea. We love how the curvy cake tiers and vibrant colors make us feel like we fell down the rabbit hole!

Crazy Colors

Throw caution to the wind and take a cue from this Pink Cake Box cake. Colors scheme be damned, this adorable cake is perfect for a couple who isn’t afraid to let their colors shine.