10 Russian Recipes for the Perfect Olympic Viewing Party (Slideshow)

Check out our tips and authentic Russian recipes for a gold medal-worthy viewing party

Blini with Smoked Salmon

These tiny, savory Blini (Russian pancakes) are topped with sour cream, salmon and fresh herbs.  She suggests topping off the blini with caviar for an even more traditional approach. 

Click here for Olga, at Olga's Flavor Factory's Blini with Smoked Salmon Recipe

Savory Crepes with Meat Filling

Crepes are known for their sweet dessert filling, but this Russian crepe recipe is savory and can be stuffed with either pulled pork or chicken. They are a little bit heavier than some other Russian finger foods, but make for a delicious complement to a winter party.

Click here for the Savory Crepes with Meat Filling Recipe

Russian Chicken Lollipops

This Russian twist on the classic Buffalo wing was created by the chefs at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Atlanta.They make the perfect game-day snacks for cheering on your favorite USA team.

Click here for the Russian Chicken Lollipops Recipe

Porcupine Meatballs with a Cream Sauce

Porcupine meatballs, or Tefteli Ezhiki in Russian, are called that because the rice used in the mixture pokes out of the meatballs like little quills. These meatballs, topped with a creamy savory sauce are a hit comfort food.

Click here for the Porcupine Meatballs Recipe

Kvas, a Fermented Bread Drink

Kvas (or kvass) is a fermented drink made from rye bread that is popular in Russia. It's technically not alcoholic because the alcohol content  is only one percent, and is a sweet bubbly concoction. Warning: this recipe needs to be prepared and fermented overnight! 

Click here for Natasha Cravchuk of Natasha's Kitchen's recipe for Kvas

Mors, a Berry Drink

Mors is a refreshing berry drink, common in Russia, and made with whatever berries are in season-- from cranberries, to blueberries and black currants. More often than not, a shot of vodka is served with this simple cocktail.

Click here for Florian Pinel of Food Pestroika's Recipe for Mors

Piroshky with Braised Cabbage

Piroshky or Pirozhki, is a Russian baked or fried bun stuffed with any manner of fillings, made by Tatyana of "Everyday with Tatyana" of the TasteMade Network, made with a cabbage, onion and pepper filling.

Click here for the Piroshky Recipe

Pelmeni: Russian Dumplings

Pelmeni is a popular small Russian dumpling made with extremely thin dough. These make perfect appetizers filled with meat and pork, made by Tatyana of "Everyday with Tatyana" of the TasteMade Network.

Click here for the Pelmeni Recipe

Baklazhanna Iaikra: The Poor Man's Caviar

It may be hard to pronounce, but Baklazhannaia Ikra is a classic dish in Russia. It's a sweet and smoky eggplant spread that's best when smeared on bread.  This is a slightly-less fattening rendition of the original Russian classic recipe, and takes less time to prepare as well, from author of "Garden Super Hero Tales" Mihaela Lica Butler.

 Click here for the Poor Mans' Caviar Recipe

Braised Beef Short Rib Bites with Beets

Borscht is a very common beetroots soup or stew in Russia. This recipe, developed by Paul Gstrein of Bayside Restaurant, which combines the flavor of the beet with succulent short ribs. The ribs are divided into bite-sized pieces perfect for appetizers!

Click here for the Braised Short Rib Bites with Borscht Recipe