10 Low-Calorie Cocktails to Serve for a Father's Day Brunch

Keep Dad in tip-top shape with these low-calorie cocktails


Father’s Day is near, and there are tons of ways to celebrate. One thing we know for sure is that dads crave a good hearty meal made with love. You may celebrate with a burger-filled cookout or an over-the-top homemade dinner, but it doesn’t have to be a diet downer. Dad may not compromise on the hearty steak you promised him, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t consider a low-cal cocktail.

10 Low-Calorie Cocktails to Serve for a Father's Day Brunch

Holidays and celebrations are filled with boozy temptations. Don’t let weeks of Dad working on his summer body go to waste after one day of indulging in too many high-sugared cocktails. Frozen margaritas, creamy piña coladas, and fruity mai tais — been there, done that.

Does this mean your only choice is an unsatisfying gin and tonic? Not if we if we can help it. This Father’s Day, let’s shake things up with a tasty and low-calorie twist. Remove the simple syrup and substitute fresh agave; cut the bottled mixers for fresh-squeezed juices. Raise your glass to these simple yet thirst-quenching cocktails for a fun-filled Father’s Day.

Fig Sidecar

This version cuts the cognac by half and adds flavor-enhancing fresh lemon juice.


For fans of the fresh and tangy, the greyhound is a perfect choice.



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