10 Grownup 'Junk Foods' For Your Girls' Night In

A night in with the ladies is a time-honored tradition, a chance to get the girls together, catch up, and snack on some delectable treats. Whether you're meeting up for your weekly book club, having a movie night, or just hanging out with your besties, you'll want to serve something good to eat — something fun.

10 Grownup 'Junk Foods' for Your Girls' Night In

What you're looking for are recipes that are easy to make for a big group and yield delicious results. You're not worried about how healthy your meal is — what you want are riffs on junk food favorites that will keep the party, and the conversation, flowing all night long. The recipes below take their inspiration from such classic nibbles as candy bars and tater tots, then shake things up with some adult-friendly ingredient upgrades.

And what's a girl's night in without a little wine? We've got you covered with wine pairings for each of these recipes, too. Read on — and get ready for your girls' night in.

Bacon Avocado Dip

While bacon avocado burgers might be a little too messy for a night in, this dip takes those flavors and packs them into easy-to-share form. Red or white wine work equally well with this dip, as long as enough acidity to cut through the rich flavors. A chianti or chablis would work well here. For the Bacon Avocado Dip recipe, click here.

Banana Split Chocolate Fondue

What's a girl's night in without  chocolate? This version combines two indulgences — banana splits and melty chocolate — for a decadent take on a classic. Merlot or pinot n will work well against the fondue's creaminess. For the Banana Split Chocolate Fondue recipe, click here.