10 Geek-Themed Weddings (Slideshow)

If you’re a nerd to the core, here are some authentically geeky ways to get hitched

'Star Trek' Wedding

This is the ultimate expression of melding your passion for Star Trek with the love of your life. The ceremony even took place at a Star Trek convention, as the bride and groom wore head-to-toe Klingon costumes and exchanged their "I dos" in the warrior race’s native tongue. Since a Klingon wedding theme is adventurous, check out these equally adventurous entrées you can serve on your big day. 

'Dr. Who' Wedding

Dr. Who has been inspecting space and time since the '60s. Although there have been a number of Doctors, the show’s cult audience only grows year after year. What is more romantic than a wedding that defies time and comes complete with tasty TARDIS pies?

'Shrek' Wedding

Few things say truelove like Shrek, so why not pay homage to the green guy on your wedding day? Even if you want to forego the green and just get a talking donkey, you can have fun with Shrek mojitos and cake.

Steampunk Wedding

Your only exposure to the steampunk genre might be from Portlandia, but it’s got quite the following, and style is a large part of it. So it’s only natural that couples are incorporating the steampunk universe into their weddings. The food can be equally stylish, with cupcakes and wedding cakes as sharp as the outfits everyone is wearing.

'Star Wars' Wedding

Many years ago, George Lucas created what some consider the ultimate in nerd canon. There are very few places, if any, where Star Wars has not made its presence known. It also makes it a popular wedding theme and has inspired a number of recipes, so you can use the Force to determine what’s best for your menu.

Geek Hodgepodge Wedding

Sometimes all of your interests are nerd-centric, so it’s only natural to combine them all. Here’s an idea of what it looks like when a couple combines different nerd universes. As for the food theme, you now have even more options, but we’ve selected some fun Futurama fare for nerdy lovers.

Super Mario Wedding

For many people, Super Mario Bros. isn’t just a game, it’s a childhood companion and a gateway to the wonderful world of nerd culture. It’s no surprise this video-game mainstay has been incorporated into weddings. There is a ton of awesome geeky food that can be served and many ways to play up your theme throughout the day!

Lego Love Wedding

Host an ultimate nerdy wedding by combining two classics. Legos are the perfect, though not necessarily intuitive, pairing for Super Mario Bros., as they are both childhood staples for a number of people. This wedding also reminds us just how fun they were and makes nostalgia look sharp. For food, we recommend taking our previous Super Mario Bros. suggestions and adding some Lego cookies.

Comic Wedding

Everyone, not just nerds, has a favorite superhero or villain. This wedding is what it looks like when you get your favorites from Marvel, DC, and Disney all together for one special day. So what do you feed a cast of characters like this? With so many options, we suggest your browse this Pinterest page for food and drink options.

'Harry Potter' Wedding

Harry Potter might be one of the newer additions to the nerd world, but there’s no denying its staying power and popularity among Muggles. It’s a perfect wedding theme to incorporate some snazzy outfits to pay tribute to couple’s childhood favorite. For food, there’s no shortage of main courses and desserts, though we do recommend leaving those gross every-flavor beans at Hogwarts.