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10 Extreme Weddings (Slideshow)

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These high-school sweethearts tied the knot during a blizzard! While they had been planning their wedding for a year, Stephanie Schumacher and Josh Reed had no way of knowing their wedding day was going to be buried in several feet of snow! The couple decided to get hitched the next day in their living room, where they celebrated with more than 30 guests. Even the bride’s parents hiked a quarter of a mile in the snow to make the event. A few guests, who couldn’t trek through the snow, watched the ceremony via Skype and FaceTime. On the wedding menu? Pizza delivery and the couple’s actual wedding cake.


On a ‘Tightrope’

This extremely high-off-the-ground wedding isn’t for any bride or groom who’s afraid of heights. A bride daredevil bride must use a rope suspended 3,000 feet in the air to get to her groom. Where’s the groom? Awaiting his bride atop Lost Arrow Spire in Yosemite National Park in California. The concentration required from the bride, who has to carefully navigate that rope all while wearing a wedding gown, is nothing short of incredible!


Zombie Love

If you love The Walking Dead and are prepping for the apocalypse, a zombie wedding may be just the way for you to pledge your love and commitment. This Liverpool, England, bride called her zombie-themed wedding "spooky, creepy, [and] weird." The couple won the over-the-top nuptials as their prize for a competition tied to the release of a zombie game, "Dead Island Riptide." More than 250 people attended the wedding, which featured the bride, groom, and guests covered in fake blood, grim 


Married at a Marathon

Love and running can both give you an adrenaline rush, so why not say your vows while racing 26.2 miles? That’s what Mary and Raymond Donaldson did during the New York City Marathon. The duo got hitched at the 22-mile marker, by a minister who had previously completed an Iron Man. The bride wore a white dress and sunglasses, with a white hat and a veil, while the groom wore sunglasses with partial running attire and partial formal wear. After crossing the finish line, they prepped for a European honeymoon and slightly mourned the absence of cake. 


Rock Climbing

A couple of outdoor enthusiasts in China exchanged vows cliffside. The bride was stunning in a white gown and coordinating headpiece. She did wear sensible shoes, though — after all, she needed the traction for climbing the cliff wall in Liuzhou. Her groom wore white pants and a light colored shirt. They and their photographer wore harnesses and used ropes for the daring "I dos."

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When this bride and groom say they "fell in love," they mean it. Emily Lucero and Allan Toole got married on a plane 13,000 feet in the air. A few minutes later, the couple, their pastor, and two bridesmaids jumped out of the plane and parachuted to safety. The skydiving newlyweds didn’t think their wedding was adventurous. Instead, Lucero explained their highflying nuptials "symbolize that we like to play."


Motorcycle Rally Wedding

Some weddings will get you all revved up! After a pretty typical marriage proposal of dinner, drinks, and a walk on the beach, this couple wanted an extra-special wedding. For her wedding at the annual Sturgis Rally motorcycle event, bride Tamra Traux wore a white Spandex halter vest. Her groom Glenn Kirkland called the look "slutty but refined." The two tied the knot at a wedding chapel located in an optical shop. Then they celebrated with a ride down Main Street, cruising on their 2004 Harley-Davidson Road King.


Underwater Wedding

Becky and J.P. became "husband, wife, and forever dive buddies" while underwater. The couple and their wedding party wore scuba gear, including        flippers and oxygen masks. The ceremony took place at Seaventures Aquatic Center in Georgia. Vows were on cue cards and the bride and groom exchanged mouthpieces to share air and symbolize their commitment to each other. The bride’s "something blue" was her scuba tank. The groom’s flippers, which had a tin can dangling from them, said it all: "Just Married." Their wedding video’s soundtrack included water tracks like "Barracuda" and "Under Pressure." We aren’t sure if seafood was on their menu, but we’d like to think they enjoyed a delicious cut of the finest fillet!    


Hunting Wedding

We’ve all heard of a shotgun wedding but this was a little different. Hunting aficionados Ashley and Jake Dates and their entire wedding party posed with shotguns for the bridal portrait. The outdoorsy couple, who hunt deer and also fish together, exchanged vows at a pond in Red Creek,            N.Y. The bride rode to the ceremony in a horse-drawn carriage, while the groom and his best man got to the altar in a canoe. Bridesmaids wore camouflage dresses while the groom and his groomsmen wore black pants with tan shirts, featuring camo print on the sleeves. The hunting theme continued for wedding décor, with spent shotgun shells being used as place card holders, while lanterns were covered in camouflage duct tape. We are sure you can imagine what the dinner was like!


Long Boarding

At first glance, Marty and Sally’s wedding seems pretty typical until you notice everyone was long boarding or skateboarding. While Sally had curled hair, wore a beautiful white dress, and carried flowers, she didn’t wear shoes. The bride rode to the ceremony barefoot on her long board. The groom, dressed in a black suit and skating shoes, rode in on his skateboard. After their ceremony, the couple (at 2:08) long boarded and skateboarded across the street. A little later they rode to (2:25) and then kissed (2:41) at a skate park.

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