10 Best Wedding Cake Scenes in Movies (Slideshow)

With these movies you can have your cake and eat it too

"28 Days"

There's one in every family. The embarrassing cousin/aunt/sister who can't control themselves. In 28 Days, Gwen is just that family member. After she and her boyfriend Jasper drink a bit too much, she literally crashes into and destroys her sister's wedding cake. She offers to get a new one, hijacks a limo, and drives directly into a house, landing her a long stint in rehab. 

"American Wedding"

The American Pie franchise has never claimed to be modest. In fact, it seems to pride itself on being as crass as possible. Hence, when Jason Biggs' character Jim decides to do a little manscaping, it only seemed right for that manscaping to affect their big day. The wedding cake, of course, ended up covered in his body hair. It's American Pie — did you expect anything else? 

"I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry"

Chuck and Larry are co-workers and best friends, but when Larry gets hurt, he asks Chuck to "marry" him so that his children can be protected, financially. And thus begins the biggest sham wedding in firefighter history. The two share an incredibly awkward ceremony followed by festivities, complete with a homeless witness digging into their cake. Now that is a special cake. 

"Nanny McPhee"

In this children's movie, Nanny McPhee comes to help the Browns, a family on the brink of breakdown. Mr. Brown has agreed to marry a horrid woman just to secure a family fortune. The children, however, have other plans. They sabotage the wedding, starting the biggest wedding food fight ever, which of course is complete with some serious wedding-cake-tossing. Guests were showered with icing of all colors. 

"Muppets Take Manhattan"

Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy just might be the most iconic couple of our time. The two finally decided to take the plunge and wed in Muppets Take Manhattan. Of course, no Muppets movie would be complete without singing and dancing. And no wedding is complete without cake. So the need for a singing, dancing cake was inevitable. 

"Father of the Bride"

Every father has a hard time giving away his baby girl. For George Banks, his daughter's dream wedding is not only emotionally hard but incredibly taxing on his wallet. In a classic scene, George, along with his wife and daughter, discuss wedding cakes with eccentric wedding planner extraordinaire, Franck. Poor George is completely behind the curve when it comes to cakes. 

"Easy Money"

In the film Easy Money, Rodney Dangerfield's Monty Capuletti isn't exactly known for his straight-laced ways. The drunk, pot-smoking gambler has but one job to do for his daughter's wedding: pick up the ever . He enlists the help of pal Nicky Cerrone and, as expected, the two screw it up. Drinking plus driving on the wrong side of the road equals wedding cake splatter on windshield. 

"Steel Magnolias"

All Jackson Latcherie wanted on his wedding day was a red velvet armadillo groom's cake. That cake became a huge topic of contention, since the red velvet made it look bloody and scary. But the scene stealing was between the bride's father, Drum, and neighbor Ouiser. The pair had been feuding all day. Drum tries to smooth things over and Ouiser accepts his apology by giving him the rear end of the armadillo. Yum. 

"The Five-Year Engagement"

Typically, wedding planning is left up to the bride. After all, it is most likely a day that she's been thinking of since birth. But in The Five-Year Engagement, fiancé Tom Solomon takes the reins on choosing a cake. He, along with friends, tastes tons of different delicious confections. They don't see why wedding planning is so hard. They also don't have a clue. 

"The Wedding Singer"

In The Wedding Singer, Robbie Hart, a left-at-the-alter groom, befriends the affable and adorable Julia. Julia, of course, is engaged to be married, but that doesn't stop Robbie from forming a tight bond with the beautiful bride-to-be. He even helps her taste-test wedding cakes. A cake-eating conga line of sorts forms and Robbie, always the lucky one, gets to feed cake to the less-than-attractive shop owner. How fun.