An Enormous White Truffle Is on the Market

It’s 29 ounces and the starting price is $13,500

Grub Street just reported a fantastic way to make your foodie friends green with envy: Buy this enormous white truffle from Urbani Truffles.

According to vice president Vittorio Giordano, the truffle weighs in at around 29 ounces, and it’s the largest white truffle the United States has received from Italy so far this season. Instead of auctioning it off in Alba for charity (where it would probably receive around $25,000), the company has decided to auction it off to private consumers and professional chefs in the United States.

The starting price is $13,500, and bidding ends Sunday. Giordano says he’s already gotten a couple of offers, so expect that $13K to rise fast. Send an email to to enter your name, and make Jonathan Benno proud.

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