ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES - Exploring The Basque Coast Of France

Come experience this part of the world

Maximize time and pleasure with a drive along the Basque coast of France and Spain. Your journey begins (or ends) with frolicking on the beaches of San Sebastian and continues north along the Atlantic coast into France. Seaside bliss meets old world charm, gastronomic pleasures, and world class wine tasting.

From San Sebastian, cruise the rugged coast where the Pyrenees separates Spain and France. The Aquitaine region blends Basque food and culture, surf towns, Bordeaux vineyards and Michelin stars to explore along the way.

End (or begin) your journey wine tasting in, and around, Bordeaux. For more information on where to sleep, eat, drink and play, contact Area or ask the experts at Area Valet to customize a road trip that fits your every wish.


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