The End of the Ray's Pizza War?

Famous Original Ray's gets the last laugh as it takes over the former Greenwich Village location of Famous Ray's

In what many regulars will consider the “last laugh” of their long-stemmed rivalry, Famous Original Ray’s will be taking over the former space of Famous Ray’s Pizza in Greenwich Village, which closed earlier this fall, DNAinfo reports. Already crowded with long-timers Joe’s, John’s, and Neapolitan Kesté, Famous Original Ray’s will be arriving to a biased crowd.

The nearest location of Famous Original Ray’s to its recent purchase is on 23rd Street and Ninth Avenue, where it is a favorite of locals. What will give an even more sour note to this tale? Famous Original Ray’s sued the former Sixth Avenue tenant, Famous Ray's Pizza, in June for copyright infringement over the uber-popular name. The two parties came to an agreement that Famous Ray’s wouldn’t use the name or any other confusing version of it.

The real sad story still truly remains with the closing of the true Ray’s Pizza, the 1959 Little Italy original that closed earlier this fall after a legal debacle with the building’s landlord.

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