Emma Watson Confused By Olive Garden

Our inner-twee selves are kind of stoked for The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which means we're running around pronouncing "We are infinite!" and watching every Emma Watson promo ever. Which brings us to this: The Brit, apparently, is super confused about Olive Garden.

In an interview with MTV, Watson admits that she was "very confused by the Olive Garden. I had no idea if it was a restaurant."

Of course, her co-stars aren't very helpful. "It was like a secret garden, full of olives!" Ezra Miller says. "It's the Olive Garden," Logan Lerman says. "Yeah, you must seek it, you must go to the center of the world," Miller added. "Oils of olives and all the olives we know, they come from there."

Watson, however, was supposed to be portraying a typical American high-schooler, and really, what high-schooler doesn't know the joys of unlimited breadsticks? Coincidentally, MTV once tested Watson's high-school accent, asking her to say,"the Olive Garden" (which she kind of butchered actually). Case of her stress: revealed! Time to introduce her to Marilyn Hagerty.